10 Years Later…


10 years ago today, I stepped onto a driveway and changed my life forever. There, I met a guy with dark hair wearing a white Titleist visor and red board shorts. He was cute and friendly and mixed me a (very strong) gin and tonic, and the rest is history.

I have been with Chase 10 times longer than anyone I ever dated. We’ve watched some relationships grow, others fail. We’ve had new homes and new jobs. Two kids. My parents were still married when we met. My dad was alive. We’ve seen each other through good and bad – and always came out on top.

I realized Chase was special from day one – I’d never felt like that about anyone before. It seemed unlikely to succeed at the time. How would a cross-country relationship work? We made it work. We’ll always make it work. Together.

Happy 10 years, babe! I love you and those kiddos more than you’ll ever know.

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