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You’re here – for once

There is no greater range of emotions than those felt by parents on a daily basis. “I love her so much my heart could explode” can turn into “that child is a f-ing lunatic” in a matter of moments. Multiple times per day. Only someone you love this much could make a non-bipolar person feel both the highest […]



When things go just a little bit wrong in life, it’s so easy to feel sorry for yourself – or to complain about it. For some reason, minor life challenges have bothered me lately more than they should. Maybe it’s the post-vacation blues. Maybe it’s the pending start of another school year, which means craziness at home […]


Back to school…the busiest time of year!

It’s August. How is that possible? What does August matter, you may ask? Well, in most places in the country, it’s the start of a new school year. Yes, I realize the calendar year starts in January, but for people who have school age kids, August is the month when everything starts fresh. A new […]