I’m a Dailey Method devotee, and our barre instructors end class with stretching and inspirational words. Occasionally they focus on being grateful for the “abundance” in your life.

Abundance is an interesting concept, really. One definition is, “the state or condition of having a copious quantity of something; plentifulness,” but I tended to think of of abundance as having more of something than you really need. Turns out my perception may have been skewed, as another definition is “plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity.” 

Clearly I didn’t start this blog because I felt like I had an abundance of time or money. I hate wasting either and was looking for more of both. But, in reality, I had plenty of the good things in life. I just didn’t recognize it.

I came to this realization lying on the floor in Lululemon attire, in a private workout studio. The clothes and workouts are not inexpensive. I spend an hour of my time going to work out, not needing to be at a third job to pay the bills, like some parents do. I leave class and get gas, spending $90 to fill my tank. I’m annoyed it costs that much (ugh taxes), but I don’t wonder how I’ll pay for it. I rush to Costco because I always feel rushed, but that’s who I am. I’m type A and want things to be done quickly. I fill my cart with things I need and a few impulse purchases. Again, without worrying about the cost.

I go home and fill my fridge with (mostly) healthy and nourishing food. In our home in a beautiful and safe neighborhood, with good schools for our kids. Abundance.

I have the best family and friends anyone could hope for – and time to spend with them. Abundance.

I work with wonderful people, doing work I enjoy, in an office near the beach. I have a steady paycheck and great benefits. Abundance.

My side business allows me to do more for my family and to help others make money. Abundance.

The two small people and the one big one who live in my house bring me joy every day. (Even on the days when Clay doesn’t listen or Avery takes 30 minutes to get in bed or Chase leaves his shoes downstairs). Abundance.

Let’s be honest, I’m not going to stop looking for ways to save time or money. But, I’m going to revel in the fact that I have all that I need. A prosperous, beautiful life, for which I’m grateful every day.


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