Back to school…the busiest time of year!

School books with apple on desk

It’s August. How is that possible? What does August matter, you may ask? Well, in most places in the country, it’s the start of a new school year.

Yes, I realize the calendar year starts in January, but for people who have school age kids, August is the month when everything starts fresh. A new school year is exciting and fun – and overwhelming and expensive, exhausting and hard!

People complain that the holidays are busy (and I agree), but in direct comparison, I think the start of a new school year may be worse. It may very well be the most expensive – and time intensive – time of the year.

The expenses, oh, the expenses! New clothes. New shoes. PTA memberships. Classroom supply donations. Sports registration. After school care annual fee. New football and soccer cleats. School foundation donations. Hair cuts. Huge Costco bills. New back packs. Another set of new backpacks when the kids don’t like the first ones (I’m hoping this one doesn’t come true).

And the time. Buying the shoes and clothes. Back to school night. Practices. Sorting through 100 forms to fill out, per kid. Homework. Foundation board meetings. Costco shopping. More practices. More homework. More late nights and dark circles. More time applying eye cream (thank goodness I get this at wholesale cost).

Gone are the days of lounging by the pool every afternoon. Gone is the chance to make a 4:30 p.m. barre class with time to spare. Gone is the wiggle room in our budget for regular happy hours and family trips (see expenses above). Gone is drinking beer at the pool while the kids swim because you don’t have to drive anywhere else for the rest of the night. Gone are the days of calling grilled hot dogs “dinner” because you have them leftover from a weekend barbecue.

It’s all over, soon enough. But you know what’s here? Hopefully another great year for our munchkins. We’ll get back to normal and back on track with time and money soon enough…just in time for Christmas!





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