Falling back in love with America’s Finest City

Pool trees

Pool trees

I recently realized that since my last day of work, the weather has been beautiful every day. Those of you who don’t live in “America’s Finest City,” might think “big deal, it’s always perfect in San Diego.” That’s what I thought before I moved here, too. I will always love San Diego because it is the place where Chase and I started our family, but it turns out we have “May Gray” and “June Gloom” and during those months fog sits over the ocean for days on end. I’ve always worked on the coast and shivered at my desk during months that should be warm.

This year is different. I’m working at home, where it’s been sunny and 75 every day. I’ve worn flip flops for a month. We can go to the pool every day. Best of all, I’m in my house while the sun is shining, not rushing out at dawn and returning home at dusk. I’m appreciating the beautifully manicured parks that our outrageous HOA fees pay for. We’ve used our new patio furniture and our fire pit. The coastline is breathtaking, and every neighborhood has something to offer. I’ve realized that when I have the time to enjoy it, San Diego is still the place I fell in love with years ago.

I have days when I get annoyed with California taxes, the high cost of living and the distance from my family. Maybe we should just move, I think. Then I open up the windows and look at the sun shining or go for a drive to the beach, and there is no place I’d rather be.

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