Finishing preschool

School pizza party

School pizza party

Today is a special day in our house: Clay’s last day of preschool!  A few weeks ago he turned five and after today, I am officially the mom of a kindergartner. I know I sound like my parents, but where does the time go?

They had a pizza party in class and since my mom flew in today, we’ll let Clay pick what he wants for dinner. But that’s it. No gifts or flowers. I’ve seen pictures of friends’ kids in caps and gowns, and they are adorable, but I’m relieved that Clay’s preschool did not have a “graduation” ceremony.

Preschool costs almost as much as my first year of college at Florida State (out of state). For that price, I expected him to learn a lot (which he did), but I hardly think learning to write and add is worthy of an honor formerly reserved for those finishing high school or college. Schools now hold preschool, kindergarten, fifth grade and eighth grade graduation ceremonies. I value my kids’ educations more than anything, but having four graduations? It’s a bit much for me.

All of that being said, I’m proud and excited that my little boy is finishing preschool. He’s taller and smarter and more mature than when he started. He loves to learn and couldn’t wait to get to school today, so he’d have a lot of time with his teachers and friends. I’m so proud of him, not for “graduating,” but for finishing this school year and  beginning a long educational journey that will hopefully culminate in him becoming a successful adult.

When Clay graduates from Harvard Medical School, you can bet I’ll be the crazy mom screaming and yelling and buying him a fancy dinner and maybe even an extravagant gift. Tonight, it’s more likely to be an In-N-Out burger and a family movie night. The perfect end to my sweet boy’s preschool career. Happy last day of preschool, Clay!


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