Five and fabulous

Avery fiveI was woken early this morning with a loud whisper of, “I’m five today!” I smiled, rolled over and told Avery to get in the bed. She fell back asleep quickly while I laid my head on the pillow and remembered the early morning on this day five years ago, when I first became a mom to a girl. She was a perfect baby, dressed in pink. The pink hasn’t changed, though the quiet little thing now talks from dawn til dusk.

I should clarify, she sometimes talks, but more often she sings. Dancing is also common. It’s like living in a Disney show and sometimes it’s a bit much, but Avery just can’t help herself, it’s who she is. In fact as I type this she’s putting on a performance in front of the mirror in the mermaid tail we got her for her birthday. I envision a weekend full of performances – and look forward to every one.

As dramatic as she is, Avery gets along with everyone. She just loves people – and the feeling is mutual. From her great grandma to babies, she’s equally comfortable and loving. She’s often the center of attention, even among Clay’s friends. It’s not easy to hold your own with a group of six- and seven-year-old boys, but she makes it look like it is. I jokingly say she’s a leader, not bossy, but some of the boys may disagree. I know this will serve her well in the future, so I’m okay with it, even if it makes me crazy at times (like when she insists on wearing crazy clothes out of the house).

As I lay in bed this morning trying to remember what life was like before Avery was in it, I just can’t. It’s unimaginable because she is so much a part of me – and our family. Like every age so far, I’m sure five will be fabulous for Avery Grace. Happy birthday, baby girl!



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