Four and six…is easy(ish)

Big kids on Christmas Eve

Big kids on Christmas Eve

I remember early on in my parenting journey, a friend told me that life gets easier when your youngest child turns four. Just over six months ago when Avery turned four and Clay turned six, I joked with Chase that we could no longer use “having little kids” as an excuse for anything (piles of laundry, eating grilled cheese for dinner, etc.).

From April to the end of the year, we continued flying through life, not realizing that things were, in fact, getting easier. It took two weeks at home with the kids for Christmas break for it to hit me. Having kids that are four and six is easy(ish)!

My reluctance for us to go back to school and work today brought me to this realization. For more than two weeks, we had nice leisurely days. The kids let the dog out and fed him. I didn’t get out of bed until after 7:00 a.m. (this is a big deal in a house full of early risers). We came and went as we pleased, not rushing home for naps or worrying that someone wouldn’t behave appropriately in a particular restaurant. I took photos of our daily activities and posted them on Facebook, wanting to document our time together, but not really understanding the significance until today.

No, they can’t make gourmet meals or drive me around. I still have to remind Avery to brush her hair and Clay to put his socks in his laundry basket. But, I’ll be damned, they can do these things themselves!

I had lunch with coworkers today who have “little kids,” and they were both joking that they were glad to get back to work. I’ve felt that before – the need for adult conversation and the exhaustion from constantly doing something for someone else. This was the first year I didn’t feel it at all…because my kids are growing up. They are cool little people and while strong-willed children, of which I have two, will never be “easy,” they sure are a lot of fun.

For those of you surrounded by diapers and sippy cups, watching Disney Junior while your kids throw Cheerios on the floor, take heart. It will get easier before you know it. For a while, at least…eventually we’ll all have teenagers!


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