Friday Five: save time and money

The “Friday Five” series shows five items that could save you time or money. I hope you enjoy this week’s list!

Great Clips1. Great Clips iPhone App
I know women are picky about hair stylists, and I totally understand. But for most men, including my husband, just about anyone can cut their hair. We have a Great Clips down the street and though Chase thinks they do a fine job with his hair, it gets busy and he doesn’t like waiting 45 minutes for a $15 haircut. Recently he downloaded their app on his phone. You check the wait times at nearby locations and add yourself to the waiting list, then arrive at your set time with no wait! He did it last night, and rather than waiting there, he did some stuff around the house before leaving. That time would have been wasted before, so he’s loving the app.

Brush2. Sephora foundation brush
Anytime I’ve had my makeup done, the makeup artist has used a foundation brush to apply it. I always thought they were a luxury for professionals and never considered buying one. The last time I went, she mentioned that you use a lot less foundation when you use a brush, so when I saw one 50 percent off at Sephora I decided to try it out. Not only does it save time by making application easier, she was right: it allows me to use half the amount of foundation, meaning my foundation will last close to six months. My makeup also goes on much smoother. A good brush is not cheap, the one I bought was $32 regular price (it is still on sale for $15!), but it will last a long time, so I’ll continue to save money by not wasting excess foundation. And of course, the time!

Dresses3. Old Navy and Gap clearance racks
I’ve decided that this is the summer of the casual dress. They are comfortable and easy, and they work for school pick up, birthday parties or casual business lunches. But, I don’t have many and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money buying them. My friend, Dawn, from Simply Tangerine, always wears cute dresses (so much so that when I wear one Clay says “you’re wearing a dress like Dawn today” – he has a bit of a crush), and mentioned she got some on the clearance rack at Old Navy. I went by there last week and got two dresses $18, then I was returning something I bought online to Gap yesterday and got one for $14! One word of caution though, their sizes vary, so you’ll probably want to try them on. Even though that takes some time, I love that you have an entire outfit for less than $15!

All4. All Free & Clear Mighty Packs
Chase’s skin is sensitive to some brands of laundry detergent, so we use All Free & Clear. The problem for me was that liquid laundry detergent is messy, especially in front loading washing machines. I saw these cool little pods about eight months ago and I’ve never looked back! The price is comparable to the liquid version, and you put them directly in with the clothes, so there is no sticky residue in the washer tray. They also take up less storage space. I love them!



5. Apple Care
When Chase got his first iPhone I bought the Apple Care with it for an extra $99. I rarely buy warranties because you typically pay more in the long run than you would to replace the item on your own. I made an exception for Apple Care because of the high cost to replace the phone if he damaged it. For the past 20 months, I wondered if I made a mistake. I paid that $99, and we’d never used it. Then yesterday, Chase’s phone went for a swim. A few minutes at the Apple store and a $49 fee, he walked away with a brand new phone. I realize the new phone cost us $148 if you count my original plan purchase plus yesterday’s fees, but that’s still a lot better than $500+ when you’re not yet eligible for a phone upgrade. Now I need to extend the Apple Care on the computer I bought back in March!

I hope you all find these tips useful and have a great weekend!




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