Friday Five: save time and money

The “Friday Five” series shows five items that could save you time or money. I hope you enjoy this week’s list!

trashcan1. Garage trash can
Before I had kids, my mom friends warned me that my car would be a disaster. I vowed not to let it happen, and so far, I’ve succeeded.  I think the secret to my clean car is a small trash can that we keep in our garage. Soda cups, snack wrappers, etc. all go straight into the trash can – never even entering our house. The trash can cost less than $10 and saves me so much hassle!



concealer2. Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer
Something happened last year that was new to me: dark circles under my eyes! I get enough sleep most nights, so I guess it’s just age? Either way, I needed something to cover them up. Earlier this year, I found Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. It does not crease, it is waterproof and Tarte uses natural ingredients. It is not cheap ($24), but I’ve had it since February, so it lasts a long time. I can apply it (using the brush from the gift set I bought) in 15 seconds. Even with no other makeup, I look halfway presentable. If I’d found this when my kids were newborns, our photos would have been much cuter!


towels3. Costco towels
For whatever reason, towels last about a year in our house before they get smelly, scratchy or otherwise undesirable. I used to buy expensive towels, but when I bought my mom some from Costco as a housewarming gift, I decided to try them too. They were $6.99 each. They are not made of fancy materials and the designs are not worthy of HGTV. But you know what? They’re soft and absorbent and they cost $7. At the rate we go through towels, they are perfect for us.



clean tub4. Plastic baskets
I don’t know why, but my kids still have 100 bath toys. They make me crazy strewn all over the tub, so I bought a few small plastic baskets from Amazon for the bath toys and first aid supplies. They control the clutter and keep things organized for a reasonable price ($7 for two). Why didn’t I buy them sooner? Now I just need some larger ones so Ariel and the large zoo creatures can fit inside too…


real simple5. Real Simple No Time to Cook App
I love Real Simple recipes because they are fast, typically using ingredients you already have on hand. This app allows you to pick your main ingredient (veggie, chicken, beef, etc.) and the amount of time you have to cook, then it gives you great recipe suggestions based on your input. Perfect for busy families!



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