Friday Five: save time and money

The “Friday Five” series shows five items that could save you time or money. I hope you enjoy this week’s list! 

cvs1. CVS Spray Sunscreen
Since it’s the first day of summer an easy, inexpensive sunscreen had to be at the top of my list. I like the CVS spray for quick trips to the pool. We go almost every afternoon after school. The sun isn’t as strong by then, but I still want to protect the kids’ skin. A quick spray with this stuff and we’re good. It isn’t too smelly or too sticky and costs less than $10. Oh and it’s super fast for kids who are “dying” to get into the water.




mopping2. Method Wood Floor Cleaner
Sorry for all the cleaning products lately, but now that I clean my own house I’m trying to find easy solutions to common problems. Our entire first floor has wood floors, and I’ve used this Method cleaner for a while now. It smells great (made with almond) and it’s non-toxic, so it’s good for pets and kids. It costs $5 and is super easy: squirt and mop. It doesn’t build up or streak. It’s great when you can quickly clean your floors before you have friends over and then your house smells amazing too!



cheese3. Costco Mexican Shredded Cheese
Okay, skip over this if you have high cholesterol or insist on buying only organic food. I have one picky child, and I make a lot of quesadillas, so this cheese is a godsend. We used to shred Tillamook cheddar (also from Costco) when we made quesadillas, but it’s time consuming and expensive. Last week I decided to try this shredded stuff, and I’m never going back. It melts well (not as oily as sharp cheddar) and tastes good. Chase and I are cheese snobs, so we like the real stuff, but for a three- and five-year-old, this works just fine. Doesn’t hurt that two giant bags cost $8. Sold!


swiffer4. Target Brand Swiffer Wet Refills
Another cleaning supply, I know! Before kids (i.e. before cleaning lady) I used the Swiffer wet pads to mop our condo floors. Since I heard they had weird chemicals, I stopped when I had a baby crawling all over the tile floors in our last house, but I’m using them again. They are quick and easy, and this house only has tile in two bathrooms, so I don’t want to pull out a mop and a bucket for 50 square feet. My kids don’t crawl around on them, so I think we’re safe. The Target brand of refills is $4 and works just as well as the brand name.

remover5. Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads
I used these for years, then for some reason I switched to a liquid remover a few months ago. It wasn’t a cheap brand, so I finished it off even though I was annoyed with having to use a separate cotton pad to apply it. I’m back to my easy Almay eye makeup pads. They work well, they’re fast and they cost $5. Love them!



Happy first weekend of summer everyone!



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