Friday Five: save time and money

The “Friday Five” series shows five items that could save you time or money. I hope you enjoy this week’s list! 

movie1. Early showings at the movie theater
I remember when I was a kid, any movie that started before 1:00 p.m. was considered a matinee, and you got in for half price. Nowadays, only the first show of the day is cheaper. For families whose children don’t wake with the sun like ours do, it may not work, but for us a 10:00 a.m. start time is just perfect. We went to see Monsters University last Sunday for $6 each (regular price here is $11.50). I saved money + the kids loved the movie = perfect day!



goggles2. Speedo swim goggle multi-pack
It’s been a beautiful summer, and I pick the kids up early most days, so they are more obsessed with the pool than in past years. We go nearly every day. So far this summer we’ve lost numerous dive sticks and two pairs of goggles. I saw a multi-pack of Speedo goggles at Costco, but they were made for older kids, so when I found a pack of Speedo Splashers (made for kids ages 3-8) on sale at Target for $13, I had to buy them. With my Target Red Debit Card, I got another 5 percent off, meaning I paid $4 per pair, compared to the regular price of $9 for one pair. Plus, I save time when we lose a pair, and I don’t have to rush back to Target to buy more. *Note: they had the multi-packs in all sizes, not just the ones for younger kids.

organizer3. Cheap filing system
I’ve always loved the Target $1 bin. Now if only they had an online version…Anyway, I was looking for a lightweight and portable filing system to stash notes for current projects that aren’t ready to be filed away, as well as a place to file my business receipts. As luck would have it, I found some cute ones in the $1 bin. $2 and I’m organized!


plates4. Munchkin plastic dinnerware
In seven years of marriage, with the exception of a few bowls and wine glasses, Chase and I have managed to keep our dishes in one piece. Our trick? NEVER let kids use them! I bought this dinnerware (can you even call it that?) from a few years ago, and they have held up great. They cost $5/pack, and we use them every day. Love Munchkin products!

tortilla5. Costco flour tortillas
I mentioned last week that our kids’ favorite food is a quesadilla, and Chase loves to make tacos. We love these tortillas. You get 24 of them for $2.50! They stay good for a long time, yet still taste fresh. I know all Costcos carry different brands (I think Porkyland is an interesting choice of names), but check out the tortilla aisle if you make a lot of Mexican food like we do. I love the ladies who make fresh ones in Old Town San Diego, but they’re expensive, go bad quickly and it takes time to drive down there. For 10 cents each, these are great!

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