Friday Five: save time and money

The “Friday Five” series shows five items that could save you time or money. I hope you enjoy this week’s list! 

Ketel One1. Booze at Target
Well, it’s almost the weekend, so why not start the list off with a way to save money on alcohol? Target’s regular prices on alcohol are similar to the grocery store sale price, and when Target has alcohol on sale, it’s an even better deal. On top of that, you can use your Target Red Debit Card and save an extra 5 percent. I got this bottle of Ketel One there today. The regular price at my local grocery is about $30. Target’s price is $25, but it was on sale for $20. I got another $1 off with my Red Card, so I saved 30 percent! I also bought Chase a 30-pack of Coors Light for $18. We’re ready for happy hour!


vacuum2. Eureka Easy Clean Vacuum
Most of the time I love my wood floors. No carpet to worry about staining, and I like the way they look. But, they are fairly dark, so they show dust/crumbs/other gross kid stuff. I was going crazy sweeping, so I found this little vacuum. It’s made for hard surfaces, so it would work well on tile, too. I can quickly vacuum the floors with no dustpan needed. Another benefit is that it has two handle lengths, and the shorter option is the perfect size for my kids, so if they make a big mess, they clean it up themselves.  So easy a child can use it, and it costs less than $25. Love it!



mags3. Magazines at Costco
I used to subscribe to several magazines, but have cut back over the years since I don’t have time to read them. I’ve realized even though subscriptions are cheaper, it makes more sense to just buy the issues I’m interested in. Costco is the place to do it, as they give a 30% discount off the cover price. And yes, I totally bought the US Weekly with Princess Kate on the cover. Chase is golfing tomorrow, and I’m going to sit in the yard and relax while the kids nap!



Behavior chart4. Printable Behavior Charts
This one is a bit random because it doesn’t really save time or money, but it does a bit toward saving my sanity. When Clay was having listening issues at school, I noticed that he responds best to positive reinforcement. So I found these cool behavior charts online (crafty people can make their own on Pinterest) and stickers in the Target $1 bin. Each week the kids have to get a certain number of stickers to get a reward. For Clay, it’s a new iPad game, for Avery, it’s something $5 or less at Target. As long as we stay consistent with filling it out, it seems to work!

Puddle Jumper life jacket5. Puddle Jumper  Basic Life Jacket
When Clay was little, I was anti-water wings or anything of the sort. I worried he’d become reliant on them and never learn to swim. Instead, I would hold him, and he was not very comfortable in the water. A friend of ours bought the Puddle Jumper at the beginning of last summer, and we followed suit for Avery. She loves her “floatie.” We put it on before we leave the house, and the best part is that it still lets her “swim” because she can move her arms and kick her legs. She’s so much more comfortable in the water than Clay was, and her swim teacher said that’s a big part of why she’ll learn to swim more quickly. On top of being only $14-$20, it also allows Chase and I the time to relax and chat at the pool because we don’t have to get in and hold her. Money well spent!


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