Friday Five: Save time and money – and get organized!

The “Friday Five” series shows five things that could help save you time or money – or help you get more organized.

IMG_03021. Nordstrom Rack for iPhone cases
When I bought my iPhone, I really wanted a monogrammed case. I paid way too much for it, Chase laughed at me and it didn’t even hold up very well. Hence, the need to buy a new one.  I’ve seen them at Nordstrom Rack in the past, but never took a good look before last week. They have a ton of Tory Burch and Kate Spade ones for less than $20 (regular price $50). So, if you can get out of there without buying a pair of shoes, you’re saving money!


images2. Costco pizza
Costco’s pizza is just like everything else there – a really good price for way too much food. The crust is a little thick for Chase, but when you get 30 pieces for $20 ($10/pizza), you can just toss the crust and get another piece. Or if you have a kid like Avery, feed it to her. Either way, it’s pretty tasty, filling and a bargain. Just remember to bring cash because the food court doesn’t take cards (I’ve learned the hard way!)

Unknown3.  A personal (web-based) email address
In this day and age, people rarely stay at one job for their entire career, so save yourself some trouble and get a personal email address instead of using your work one. It is a huge pain to change your email address with everyone and can also be difficult to install work email onto a smartphone or tablet. I personally use Gmail, but there are many free, web-based options.

oil4. Drive-through oil changes
I used to hate getting my oil changed. I had to get out of the car and hang out in their dingy waiting area, then some guy would come out and try to upsell me on a $40 air filter or $27 tail light. Our local place changed ownership so now I drive through, and I’m in and out in less than 10 minutes. I don’t have to make Chase take my car anymore!


water5. Starbucks ice water

When I was pregnant with Avery, water tasted horrible to me, but I knew I had to drink it. That’s when I became obsessed with Starbucks ice water. They filter their ice (to use in their iced drinks) and their water is delicious. Even better, it’s free! I get it every time I go order my hot chocolate and even my kids like it now, so I save some money. On Clay anyway, Avery the sweets lover still wants her chocolate milk!


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