Friday Five: Save time and money – and get organized!

The “Friday Five” series shows five things that could help save you time or money – or help you get more organized.

photo1. Crest White Strips
I’ve used these for years and have always had great results. I don’t drink soda or coffee or smoke, so they may not work as well for people who do, but for me when my teeth are looking a little dull, I use these for a week or two, and they’re nice and white again. You wear them for 30 minutes a day, so it’s easy to find time to do it and for $30 you can’t beat the results!


photo-22. Costco Egg Whites
I’ve been struggling with breakfast lately. I leave the house really early, so I don’t have time to sit and enjoy a leisurely meal, but smoothies, etc. don’t fill me up. I actually bought these egg whites for Chase to add protein to his smoothies and read on the side I could cook them in the microwave for 90 seconds, so I decided to try it. I threw in a kale, chard and spinach mix (also from Costco) and a bit of cheese and was out the door in two minutes flat. And it actually tastes good! They were about $10 for a six-pack, which I’m guessing is about a month’s worth. Cheap, easy and yummy!


photo-33. Target flat sandals
I hate wearing real shoes and would wear flip flops every day if I could. That’s not realistic though, so I’ve become a fan of flat sandals. For the past five years, I’ve been buying inexpensive ones at Target. They are less than $20 and while some pairs hold up better than others, I’ve had pretty good luck with all of the ones I’ve bought – both the Morena and Mossimo brands. They have lots of cute styles and in my experience they’re comfortable too. They have a better selection online, so if you can’t find ones you like in your store, try looking there.


unsubscribe-link4. Unsubscribe from bulk emails
In my effort to keep my email inbox organized, I’ve been working hard at paring back my email subscriptions. Opening up your email and seeing 100 new messages with only 92 you care about can feel overwhelming. Then you just leave them in there, paralyzed by the effort it would require to scroll through and delete everything. So, clothing store I bought one thing from for Christmas 2012, you’re out. I unsubscribe from at least five lists a week, and I’m noticing the difference in my email. Also, if you have to provide an email address for something, but you don’t want their future emails, give them that old AOL address you don’t use anymore.  Less clutter for you!


s0438582_sc75. Washable crayons and markers
When my kids were old enough to hold a crayon or marker, I made a vow to not allow coloring tools in our house that were not washable. We have a lot of white furniture (including couches), so I didn’t want to take the chance. Sometimes the kids will ask to bring home the cheap crayons from restaurants. Not happening, kiddos. I don’t want to spend hours cleaning or worse yet, the money to replace something I love. We’ve only had one slip up so far. I have a Sharpie in the kitchen that I “thought” Avery didn’t know about. A few weeks before Christmas she gave two of her princess dolls chicken pox. We tried Goof-Off, but that also removed their eyes, which was super creepy. They were immediately thrown in the trash, so I think she’s learned her lesson…as did I (the Sharpie is back in the hall closet eight feet up). With washable coloring tools, you won’t have to toss Cinderella into the big gray trash bin. Wipe her with a baby wipe, and she’s good to go!

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