Friday Five: Save time and money – and get organized!

The “Friday Five” series shows five things that could help save you time or money – or help you get more organized.

14278908_121119220448 1. Target clearance bathing suits
In many parts of the country, it is the end of summer. Not so much here in San Diego, as our warmest months are often September and October. I needed a new bathing suit and so did Avery (going to the pool daily is taking its toll), but I wasn’t willing to pay full price this late in the season. The suits are not on sale yet in the store, but many of them are on clearance online. I bought three bikinis for myself for $52! (Sorry, Avery, your size was sold out). If you’re like me and live somewhere warm, check them out!


Finish powerball tabs2. Finish dishwasher tabs
Have I mentioned that I hate messes? Like the laundry pods I’ve written about before, these are the easy way to clean. You drop one in your dishwasher, flip the switch and you’re done! No measuring, no goopy mess. Just really clean dishes. They’re amazing. We have very hard water in San Diego, and my glasses and flatware got very streaky using other dishwasher detergents. I switched to these a few years ago and can’t believe the difference. Oh and that giant box cost around $15 at Costco. We only run our dishwasher twice a week, so it lasts two years. Love them!


Nordstrom Rack sunglasses3. Designer sunglasses at Nordstrom Rack
In San Diego, there are about five days a year you don’t need sunglasses. I have never lost or totally broken a pair, but as much as they are in and out of my purse, they do get scratched. I buy new ones about once a year, and I think it’s worth spending a bit more for quality. That being said, I won’t pay full price. Nordstrom Rack is the solution. They have designer glasses for about a third of the retail price. My last two pairs have been Coach aviators, which cost $60. They also have Fendi, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. If you like the designer look, but want a better price, check there!


logo.ca4. AAA
When I lived in D.C. and had my family close by, I didn’t bother paying for AAA. Now I couldn’t live without it, and it’s not just for the roadside assistance. While I have used it for towing services, the biggest benefit I see is that they save me time and money. In California AAA offices, you can conduct business with the DMV, without having to go to one of their offices. In a city of three million people, San Diego has one main DMV and a few satellite offices. The wait times are ridiculous. When I went to renew my car registration at AAA, it took three minutes. In addition to the quick and easy DMV services, many hotels, restaurants and theme parks offer AAA discounts. We’ve used it at Sea World and Legoland, among other spots. The time and money that AAA saves me is worth far more than the $78 annual fee!


Cosmetic bag5. Packed toiletry bag
Chase and I dated long distance for a year, so we (especially me) traveled a lot. I soon realized how much time I could save in the packing process if I just had a toiletry bag ready to go at all times. I have some products I love, so I bought travel sizes of them or filled travel size bottles from my larger bottles. I’ve also been known to bring home the toiletries from hotels if they are brands I like (thanks, Rancho Bernardo Inn for the Aveda products – I’m sure we’re even with the amount of money I’ve spent on booze and spa treatments). We don’t travel quite as often as we used to (not as easy to get up and go with kids), but we still do weekend getaways fairly often. In fact, today, we’re heading up to Big Bear. And luckily, my toiletries are already packed!



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