Friday Five: Save time and money – and get organized!

The “Friday Five” series shows five things that could help save you time or money – or help you get more organized.

photo-31. Grocery store bulk discounts on alcohol
I swear, despite my posts on how to save money on booze, I really don’t drink that much. But, we entertain, I go to girls’ nights, etc. Anyway, alcohol is not like bread or produce, it does not go bad (especially with our friends/family). Our closest grocery store, Ralph’s, often does a “buy six bottles, get 30% off deal.” They also offer “must buy two” offers for beer. If you know you’ll drink it (and you have the space to store it), go ahead and buy it in bulk. 30 percent is a big discount and who doesn’t want to get their favorite $25 bottle of wine for $18.50?


photo-52. Michael’s journal/notebook
This week I did something very out of character for me: I returned to making lists on paper. I’ve always loved the feeling of crossing things off my “to-do” list, but it’s lived in the Notes app on my iPhone for a long time. The nature of my new business venture requires that I be able to jot down ideas and contact information quickly. I wanted to buy something small to stick in my purse. I was buying other supplies at Michael’s when I saw this in one of their bins for only $1.50. It’s pretty cute (there were designs I liked better, but they were sold out of “K”), and you can’t beat the price!


Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 1.15.55 PM3. Calling to negotiate a better price with your cable/tv/satellite provider.

I wrote an entire post on this a while back, but after hearing a friend complain about their DirecTV bill going up, I thought I’d highlight it quickly here. We have DirecTV for TV and Cox Communications for our Internet service. Both companies gave us “promotional” rates when we first signed up. Of course, those promotions expire, and your bill goes up. The thing is, you don’t have to settle for the new rates. Call them up.  Ask them to check on any new promotions that may be available. It may take a few minutes, but they always find something that will save you money. Time is money, but I’ve saved up to $20/month, so this one is definitely worth the phone call!


photo-24. World Market drink dispenser
I had brunch at a friend’s house the other day, and she had put lemonade in this adorable dispenser. Anyone who has been to my house would know it fits well with my decor, but that’s not the only reason I liked it. She had the great idea to fill it and put it on a low shelf in her fridge, so her kids can get their own drinks. My kids can’t pour from a juice bottle very well (i.e. without spilling) yet, but they can totally fill their cups from a dispenser. Saves you time and makes them happy! All for only $20, and World Market always offers 15% coupons. Save yourself some juice pouring!


ATM5. Easy bank deposits
Remember the days when you had to go into the bank to make a deposit? Those days are long gone, and now some banks even charge you if you visit a teller. At prior jobs I had direct deposit, but now that clients are writing me checks I actually have to take the time to deposit them. I love the ATM deposit because it will email me a receipt (I’m a bit anal about record-keeping), other friends use the app on their phone and deposit checks that way. Either way, it makes life so much easier.  The only people missing the bank tellers are kids. I’m sure dentists are happy though – lollipops are not good for their teeth!




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