Friday Five: save time and money

Starting today, each Friday I will post a “Friday Five,” showing five items I’ve purchased that could possibly help save you time or money. The Friday Five could include household items, beauty products, clothing or just about anything else. This is my list for the week, I hope you enjoy!

nat glow1. Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer
I will be wearing a bathing suit the next few weekends, and even though I’m too paranoid about wrinkles and skin cancer to get a real tan, I do think a little color makes a suit look better. I used one of the very first sunless tanners in high school, and it turned me orange and smelled terrible. They’ve come along way since then and in the past few years, I’ve used products from Lorac and St. Tropez. Since I’m trying to save money, I bought a Jergens version at Target. It gives you a gradual, natural-looking tan and doesn’t have a weird smell. You use it in place of your regular moisturizer, so it takes no extra time. It also cost $8.50 compared to $30 for the brands I’ve purchased in the past. I’ve only used it once so far and noticed a difference!

pledge2. Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner
Sadly, I had to temporarily lay off my house cleaner. I’ve written before that she was my favorite splurge. Even though I’m home more often now, I still don’t want to spend time too much time cleaning. In comes the Pledge product…it cost $5 and I can clean all the surfaces in my house with it: glass, wood, granite and stainless steel. It’s great when you have last minute houseguests, clean your whole kitchen with one product and one rag!



shoe rack3. Amazon Shoe Rack
My house cleaner used to organize my shoes. Since she isn’t coming anymore, my closet floor was a mess. I bought this inexpensive, easy to assemble rack on Amazon for $20. It holds 20 pairs of shoes, so some of you shoe ladies may need more than one, but it worked for me. It’s organizing and hiding my shoes in the back of the closet (hence the dark picture), and I am loving it!

good to go4. Essie Good to Go Top Coat Nail Polish
I usually paint my nails on Thursday nights, while watching TV, but in the past I had problems smudging them because I went to bed soon after. My friend, Christine, from Simply Tangerine, swears by Out the Door, a fast-dry top coat you can buy at Target and CVS for $5.50, but I had a gift card for and they don’t sell it, so I tried the Essie version, “Good to Go.” I love it. It’s a bit more expensive at $8.15, but it dries so quickly and gives my nails a beautiful shine.



undies5. Xhilaration for Target Underwear
Chase will make fun of me for this one, but I’m obsessed with my new underwear. I always used to buy underwear at Victoria’s Secret, and I still think they are pretty and tend to last a long time. The problem is, they are mostly thongs (which I don’t wear as often these days), and they are expensive. Target has theirs five for $20 anytime, and I actually got mine on sale five for $18. They are comfy, cute and have held up great so far. I’m pleased with my switch!



I hope some of these products can help you save time and money! I’d love to hear of other items you suggest!

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