Get Ready for Guests in 30 Minutes!

I love having people over to our house. That being said, I would not love having them over to a messy house. My friends have this impression that my house is never a mess. I wish that were true. I’m organized and hate clutter, so I pick up a lot, but I have two young kids, a husband and my office is my kitchen/dining room, so it’s not perfect. Our house is usually neat, but not always what I would consider clean.

Since I’m a planner I usually know when friends are coming over ahead of time, so I have time to clean. This summer though, more than once we’ve been at the pool or a kids’ birthday party before deciding to move the party back to someone’s house. If that house happens to be mine, I want to clean up quickly.

With football season coming up, I’m sure we’ll have more of these impromptu get-togethers, and I thought some of you might be in the same boat. So here are a few tips to save time and make your house look presentable for guests in 30 minutes or less:

1. Clean your floors.
If you have wood, sweep (or vacuum) them, then do a quick once over with the Bona mop. Tile can be quickly swept and cleaned with Target floor wipes. Carpet is easy to vacuum. Clean floors immediately make an entire house look clean and put together, without much time or effort.

2. Wipe down your countertops.
Sometimes I use granite cleaner, sometimes 409 and then when I’m really rushed, I use the old stand-by: baby wipes. I clean my kitchen and bathroom counters quickly and it makes a huge difference.

3. Make your beds.
You would think that no one would go into your bedrooms, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in our house. Maybe because of all the young kids. They tend to wander in and at some point their parents go looking for  them. Like cleaning the floors, making the bed makes a room look put together.

4. Put away dishes.
A sink full of dirty dishes is my pet peeve. Even a drying rack full of clean ones freaks me out. I guess this is probably because washing dishes is my least favorite household chore. So, if Chase is home he is usually nice enough to put away the clean dishes and hide any dirty ones in the dishwasher for me.

5. Windex everything else.
Okay, not really, but using Windex on mirrors and faucets makes them look shiny and clean. And it’s fast.

I hope these tips help next time you have to get ready for guests quickly! Do you have any other tips for quick clean up?


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