Feeling Homesick

I might be the only person in San Diego with a subscription to Southern Living magazine. My kids took long naps the other day, so I had time to read this month’s issue, and it made me homesick. It was an end-of-summer special issue. It’s funny how one little thing can trigger homesickness. The photos of backyard barbecues made me miss warm summer nights, fireflies and backyards with decks, trees and grass.

I grew up in Virginia and spent my college years in Tallahasssee, which, although it is Florida’s capital, is more like Georgia. When I arrived in Tallahassee, people kept saying hello to me that I didn’t know. It freaked me out. Did I meet them when I was drinking last night, I wondered. Turns out they were just friendly. I spent less than four years there, but it felt like home from day one. I love southern food, guys in visors and golf shirts with flip flops and khacki shorts. I love storied traditions, and it was amazing living in an old, beautiful Southern mansion (the sorority house). Going back, years later, it feels familiar and comfortable, even though so many things have changed since I left.

My family moved to North Carolina around the time I moved to California, and most of my friends are scattered throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast. Though I’m homesick, I don’t really have a hometown anymore since my family left Virginia. Just places that mean a lot to me because of the experiences I had there or the people who live there now.

I miss sweet tea and decent barbecue. I miss my family and friends. I wish there were an easy solution – that we could all move to one street and live happily ever after. Until I figure out a way to make that happen, I’ll read my Southern Living magazine and daydream about a front porch and a huge backyard. I’ll attempt to make pimiento cheese. I’ll buy plane tickets to Carolina for Christmas and to Tallahassee for football games.

And, I’ll make sure my kids have great memories of San Diego, that will make them homesick when they leave. Then I know they’ll always come back to visit us!


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