How’s work?

We saw some family and friends in Big Bear this weekend, who hadn’t heard that I left my job, so they asked “how’s work?” I’m rarely at a loss for words, but for some reason it caught me off guard, and I was unsure how to respond.

For the first year at my job, my response to “how’s work?” was usually “it’s great!,” yet in recent months I’ve stuck to “it’s fine” before changing the subject. The people who are asking genuinely care about my response, and rather than get into all the details, it seemed best to stick with “I left my job, and I’m looking for work that is a better fit.”

I know that fun marketing and writing projects exist out there for me. I will work for clients I like, promoting products and services I care about. Hopefully by the end of the summer when we head to Big Bear for Labor Day, and I hear “how’s work?” again, my response will be: “It’s fulfilling, exciting, family-friendly and profitable. In fact, it’s amazing.” Now I have three months to get there…

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