It could be worse…

We all face struggles in our lives, some that seem insurmountable and others that are just bumps in the road. For either type, it helps me to put things in perspective, realizing that in most cases, “it could be worse.”

I’ve seen the news about the Oklahoma tornadoes and my heart breaks for the people whose lives were literally torn apart. They lost homes and family members. This tragic event provides perspective for me. I lost a job, but I still have a home, and my kids are safe at school. I am healthy with a marketable skill set and the ability to work. I have a chance to figure out what I really want to do and to spend more time with my family in the meantime. I sit here writing with the sun shining and the birds chirping, and I think about how much I have and how much worse it could be.

For people going though times of transition or struggle, perspective can be lost when the challenges of daily life feel overwhelming. Chase and I had five family members die in a year, the year I lost my dad. It seemed like everyone around us was dying. Again, things could have been worse: he and I were healthy and so were our kids. Focusing on our immediate family is what got us through, but it wasn’t easy.

I’m praying for the families in Oklahoma who will struggle to put their lives back together after this tragedy. I’ll think of them when I worry about my bank account balance while I’m looking for work because I know things could be much, much worse. This perspective reminds me to count my blessings every day…especially the little blond ones.

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