Kindergarten Smiles

Clay's first day of kindergarten! Avery was so excited too, that's why I don't have an photos of him alone...we'll remind her of this when it's her turn!

Clay’s first day of kindergarten! Avery was excited too, so I don’t have any photos of him alone…we’ll remind her of this when it’s her turn!

I didn’t realize how many friends had babies the same year as I did until I started scrolling through my Facebook news feed this week. I loved all the adorable photos of kids with new backpacks and new shoes, ready for their first day of kindergarten. Today was Clay’s turn!

At the orientation in the spring, the principal gave parents tips on the best way to leave your kid at school without either of you crying. My good friend told me stories of kids hanging onto their mom’s legs, sobbing. I smiled, knowing that wouldn’t be my kid. He barely looked up when I dropped him at preschool last year, and he’s going to the same school for kindergarten. I also didn’t think I would cry, since I’m not overly sentimental about these things.¬†Clay and I both did great today. No tears, just excitement. In fact, he almost forgot to say goodbye because he was so ready to get into the classroom (he did run back to give me a kiss).

I was a little choked up yesterday though, when we met his teacher. For some reason seeing his name on a desk made me imagine him at high school graduation. Taller than Chase and ready to head off to college. I thought of how how fast the past five years have gone and suddenly felt anxious that the next 13 will also fly by. Before I know it, I’ll be packing him up for college instead of packing his lunch for kindergarten.

With everything that has gone on the past few months, I’ve realized that things happen for a reason. I was able to spend more time with him (and Avery) this summer. I can’t slow time down, but I can take a step back and take it all in. No tears, just smiles.

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