Let it be

My dad was the biggest Beatles fan, and I grew up listening to them. I have vivid memories of the day after he died. Lying in my bed with a newborn Avery and my laptop, watching and listening to “Let it be” on YouTube (this was before iTunes had Beatles music) over and over again. Something about Paul’s beard and the look on his face reminded me of my dad, playing the piano and singing the same song when I was a child. I cried, but was also strangely comforted by that man and that beard and those words. And the baby girl in my lap who would grow up to love her dad the same way.

Over the past few months, when I was stressed about my career, I would watch that video again. Since I left my job, I noticed the video has been taken down, but one day at my Dailey Method class, my instructor played a beautiful guitar version she found on iTunes. It’s my new favorite, and even my kids like it.

It always gives me the feeling that my dad is telling me, whatever happens, “Let it be.”

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