No More Monday Marine Layer

In San Diego, we have what is called a marine layer – clouds that hang over the ocean, usually in the mornings. They typically clear out by late morning, but sometimes they hang around all day. For the last few months at my job, I felt like the marine layer matched my mood on Monday mornings. I wasn’t excited to go to work. I was a bit glum and longing for the sunshine of the weekend. Like the marine layer, my fog would usually lift by lunchtime, but it would come back again the following Monday, regardless of the weather outside.

I was thinking this morning how nice it is to not have my personal marine layer anymore. I don’t hate Mondays. In fact, I like them. Instead of dreading the start of the work week, I have a sense of excitement and opportunity. My head is filled with ideas, and I can’t wait to get to work on them.

I’m not making the money I used to (yet). But, if I’ve learned anything over the past three months, it’s that no amount of money is worth a Monday morning marine layer. My Mondays now have a clear blue sky – it’s a great way to start the week!

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