Opportunity knocks

We’ve all heard the saying “opportunity knocks.” In the past few months I’ve seen it firsthand. Sometimes it knocks quietly, other times it knocks quickly, then runs away before you have a chance to answer. More recently, I’ve seen it bang down the door.

I lost my job, so I started a business. I was able to get some great clients, and I got to write again! My work was helping people grow their companies. I was moving right along, when I saw a job posting for a marketing role at a very prestigious private school. I was enjoying my work, but something about this job caught my eye, and I applied. I have done marketing and PR for an educational institution before (for seven years), so I thought there was a good chance they would call me. I didn’t hear anything, so I put it out of my mind and remained open to other opportunities.

Nearly two months later, I received an email asking if I was still interested. By this time, I had more clients, and I’d begun to consider another business opportunity working with the doctors who created Proactiv solution. I replied to the school’s HR director, telling her I was interested, but still moved forward with both my content business and my side business selling skincare. Who knows what will happen, I thought. Maybe I don’t even want an office job.

The first day I stepped onto the campus, I knew there was something special. That place. The people. The focus on learning and family. It was everything my last job was missing.

Sometimes when interviewing for a job, you see only the opportunity to make a lot of money or have a prestigious title. This opportunity will give me the chance to do something that I enjoy, that will make a difference in others’ lives. It will be flexible for my family. It’s place I can see myself working for a long time.

I’m not giving up my other businesses, I’m just seizing a great opportunity, knowing that when opportunities knock that hard, you have to answer because they are meant to be.



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