Preschool picnics and poison berries


Clay’s favorite lunch, In-N-Out. Check out my band aid!

Clay’s last day of preschool is next week, so they had a class picnic at the park today. Most of the parents came, and hooray, that included me! I love that I don’t need to ask anyone for the time off, and I don’t have to rush back to the office.

Unfortunately, I was still a few minutes late because I was at Costco getting a vaccine for Hepatitis A, due to the organic frozen berries they recently recalled. Go figure, we are trying to be healthy eating smoothies every day, and we could get sick from them! Oh well, at least the vaccines are required for school nowadays, so the kids should be safe. Clay got his kindergarten shots yesterday, so he thought it was cool that his dad and I had to get vaccines this week too.

After my crazy morning, I’m taking the kids to the splash park with friends this afternoon, so there is no “Friday Five” today. Sorry, but I’ll get back on track next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

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