Pumpkin patch field trip

Clay is on his first field trip today, and I’m sitting at my desk. I’m picturing the smile on his face while getting on the school bus (he was most excited about that!) and his apprehension about the hayride (“does it go fast?”).

He told me about the pumpkin he would choose. Of course, that sweet boy planned to “find a small one so it would be easy for Avery to decorate.” I told him that was very sweet of him, but he could pick one for himself and we would all go together soon and help Avery pick one for herself.

Today I’m missing my old job, where I had lots of paid time off and could have been a chaperone on the field trip. The idea of 20 four-year-olds is a bit scary to me, but it would have been worth it to spend time with Clay. He better save me a seat on the bus for the next field trip!

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