Re-gifting gift bags

My dwindling gift bag stash...

My dwindling gift bag stash…

There is a lot of controversy around re-gifting, so much so that the Wall Street Journal and other major media outlets have written articles about it. Where you stand on the re-gifting issue is a personal choice, but one aspect of it that I’m totally for, is re-gifting not the gift, but the gift bag itself.

I’ve written before about my efforts to be prepared for upcoming birthday parties with a stash of gifts and wrapping paper. But, truth be told, if a gift fits in a gift bag, that’s where it’s going. I am the world’s worst gift wrapper. I used to pay my brother to wrap my Christmas gifts for me as a kid. It’s embarrassing, but true.

We went to a birthday party for Clay’s preschool friend on Saturday, and another mom brought a gift in the bag that I’d used for her daughter’s gift back in the fall. Was I upset? Absolutely not! I know she’s a busy working mom just like me, and I’m glad it was still in good enough shape to be used again, as I’m pretty sure it had been given to us, too.

I think this is an unwritten rule. If you give someone a gift in a gift bag, you are fine with them re-using it. I purposely never sign the attached card, so the recipient can use the bag again. As someone who had a wedding shower, a wedding and two babies, I wasn’t sure I’d ever go through all the gift bags I’d received. I underestimated my friends, as they married and procreated quite quickly and my stash is getting lower.

We’re all busy and in addition to saving time and money, re-using gift bags creates less waste, right? So, re-use that bag. And smile when it comes back to you the following year, knowing that your friend is saving time, money and the environment!

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