Save time and stay organized taking “Notes”

photo-1I’ve always been a note taker and a list maker. It’s just who I am. I did well in school by taking good notes, and I stay organized by making lists. But, the notes I’m talking about today are not in a three-ring binder (written in purple ink) like they were in high school, and my lists are no longer written on Post-It notes.

I’m not sure what I would do without the “Notes” app on my iPhone. I’m obsessed with making lists and jotting down ideas in there. There are a few reasons for this:

1. I always have my phone with me, I don’t have to waste time searching for a piece of paper and a pen.

2. Any notes I enter also appear on my laptop and iPad, so it gives me easy access to work ideas.

3. I am less likely (knock on wood) to lose my phone than I am a small piece of paper.

So, what types of things do I put in there? See the photo above. First, I created shopping lists. There is a note for my Target list, my Costco list and my grocery list. This allows me to add items to the lists as needed. When something pops into my head that I need to buy on my next shopping trip, I stick it in there. Simple!

I also have notes for work-related items: blog ideas, the Friday Five series and a to-do list. There is a category for meeting notes too, though I only use that one for impromptu meetings if I don’t have my laptop with me.

Finally, inventions. Yes, that one sounds random, but every once in a while I get an idea for a product that could save money or time, and I jot those down just in case I ever have the time and money to develop them. That might be why there hasn’t been an entry in that note for a while…

Anyway, I write this knowing that not everyone has an iPhone (though my brother would argue that they should). I had an Android phone for a while, and I’m pretty sure they have a similar app. So, try it out. Set up some notes in your phone and save yourself some time and stay organized. I’m sure glad I did!

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