So Many Jobs, So Little Time

Parents wear many hats. Some have jobs in an office, others work from home or stay home with their kids, but I don’t think any of us would say we have just one job. You could be a lawyer and a mom, a teacher and a dad, whatever. Then you throw in coaching your kid’s soccer team, volunteering at school, cooking for your family and you have more jobs than Ryan Seacrest!

The one good thing about working in an office is that I was usually able to keep my jobs separate. When I was at work, I was a marketing director. When I was at home, I was a mom. Now that I’m working at home, finding that balance is a bit more difficult.

In addition to this blog (which I haven’t made any money from…yet!), I’m also running my content marketing company, serving as the editor for a local realtor’s e-newsletter and have recently taken on a new business venture (more on that soon). In an effort to save money while I’m building my business, I’m also doing jobs myself that I used to pay people for: washing cars, cleaning the house and painting my toenails.

I look back to the time when I was first married, and I thought I was busy. Now that life seems pretty simple. I worked until 4:30, worked out and did an occasional contract writing project. Luckily parents (especially moms) are excellent multi-taskers. Despite the craziness, I’m happy with all of my jobs. I know I have to be patient, and the best path for me will become clear. Now if only I could have Ryan Seacrest’s paycheck…

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