Take 10

La JollaWe all have weeks when we feel like we don’t have more than a minute to ourselves. We’re running from one thing to the next, trying to keep up, forgetting sometimes to just stop and take a breath.

Since school started in August I’ve felt like this, and it’s seemed more crazy the past two weeks. Work and family and social commitments running into one another, making Chase and I feel like we were just ships passing in the night. The kids asking why I was working on Saturday night and why Chase had missed their soccer games.

Today I realized I needed a break. Not a long one, but more than one minute in the bathroom, which is all I’ve had lately. I took 10. Instead of inhaling lunch at my desk, I kicked off my boots and slipped on my flip flops. As I walked down to the beach, I passed the office of the local newspaper, reminding me that I need to contact one of their reporters about an event next week. I almost turned back, but kept going.

I walked quickly, thinking my destination was just what I needed. I sat on a bench on the beach, alone with my thoughts.

Taking just 10 minutes of uninterrupted time, I quickly remembered that this very place (La Jolla) was where the best part of my adult life began. It reminded me that I do housework because I have a roof over my head. I hustle to get work done because I have a busy day job and a growing side business. I run the kids to soccer practice because they’re healthy and like being active. I pack lunches because these little people need to eat. I rush to happy hour when I’m tired because relationships matter to me. I stay up too late and sacrifice sleep because I want to lay in bed and talk to my partner in life.

10 minutes of silence in what seems like months’ worth of chaos made me realize that all the commitments in my life exist because I’ve worked hard in my career, have an amazing family and wonderful friends. I’m so thankful for this place, these people and this life.

Who knew that 10 minutes would give me such clarity? When you have time, take 10. You won’t regret it.

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