The birthday husband

IMG_6829I always do blog posts on my kids’ birthdays, but for some reason haven’t ever done one on Chase’s. So today, on his 43rd birthday, I’m writing about him.

We’ve all heard the saying that women marry someone like their dad, and as we get further into our marriage I see more of my dad in Chase. He loves a good chat, a good beer and above all, his family. He puts us first all the time and even when our kids are crazy, he treasures his time with them. There is no place he’d rather be.

This morning the kids were so excited to jump on him in bed to wish him happy birthday. He is their idol. He’s a good role model. If Clay grows up to be half the man – and husband – his father is, we’ll have done our job.

I’ve written before that marriage hasn’t been particularly hard for us, not because ours is perfect (no one’s is), but because I found the perfect person for me. He is my biggest supporter and has never once told me I couldn’t or shouldn’t do something. Even when he probably should have.

I’m sure that’s because he’s a true partner in every sense of the word. He has the thankless job of getting the kids to school in the mornings. He cooks dinner and does bath time while I’m working out. Then he goes outside to throw the ball for the dog. Even today, on his birthday, he’s dropping off chairs to some lady from craigslist because I’ve decided to re-decorate the living room, and she lives close to his office and has a small car.

He’s good friend, and the best husband and father a girl could ask for. Happy birthday, pookie!

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