Twas the night before work…

Twas the night before work and all through the house, the only creature stirring was a mom ironing a blouse…

I start my new job tomorrow. So, in true Type-A fashion, I’ve spent the last week making sure everything in my life/house is ready for my return to an office. I’ve taken old clothes to Goodwill, organized all the files on my computer, washed our sheets and more.

It’s silly when I think of it now. I will be working until 3:30 p.m., hardly investment banker or law firm partner hours. I’ll finish work not much later than I do now working from home, but I won’t be able to run to Costco, work out or do laundry on my lunch break, so it will be an adjustment.

I’m packing Clay’s lunch and setting out Avery’s clothes, so *maybe* Chase won’t have to battle with her on what to wear. I’m dusting off and ironing my work clothes, since I can no longer wear Lululemon pants every day. I’ve filled out 27 forms for everything from health insurance to emergency contact information.

The clothes and lunches are ready…and so am I!

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