Two-week slump: refreshing a career

I’ve recently realized, like most things in life,┬áthere are highs and lows when refreshing a career. Yesterday marked two weeks since I left my job. It feels longer. I’ve gone on and on about how much happier I am, and that’s the truth. I wake up every day with such a feeling of possibility and purpose. I will create the career I always wanted – one that suits my interests and my desire to spend more time with my family.

Tuesday was a great day. I was feeling inspired – writing company website text and narrowing down my choice of names to two. I sent notes to a graphic designer for a blog logo. I was excited. Then Chase came home, and he seemed off. He took Clay to a friend’s house to hit golf balls, and Clay wasn’t the best listener while there (an issue we’re working on), then he wasn’t much better when they got home. We were all tired at that point, and Clay ended up in his room while Chase went for a walk. We talked after the kids went to bed, and I think I helped him feel better.

Then Wednesday morning came. I took the kids to school and worked out. Nice morning.Then I heard back from the owner (i.e. hoarder/scammer/opportunist) of the domain name I want for my company. He wanted $1,500 for it. It upset me and got me questioning whether I was making a good decision going after this business idea. I started to panic a bit. Will I be able to get enough clients to pay our bills? I’ve applied for a few regular jobs, maybe one of those would be safer?

At this point I needed a walk, but I had a doctor’s appointment, so I took a shower instead. I got back on the computer and found an alternate domain name that could be even better (and paid $12 to register it!). Chase talked to a few friends about my business. I finalized a meeting for this afternoon and applied for another full-time job, just in case.

I went to my doctor’s appointment and in the waiting room, I heard “Let it be,” a song I’ve written about before. I took a deep breath. After my appointment I picked the kids up early, and we went to the pool. Then I was back on top again, at least for now. Check back with me in another two weeks…

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