Word of the Year: Push

I love the fresh start that a new year brings. I’ve never been one for “resolutions,” but I typically set a few goals. They’ve been a mix of personal and career intentions. The past couple of years, after listening to business training calls, I’ve decided to choose a single “word” to define my intentions for the year – with the hopes of making this year better than the last.

But the truth is, I don’t remember what I chose as last year’s word. So clearly it was not significant enough to make it through 365 days and change my life forever. But this year is different. The first thing I thought when I woke up on Jan. 1 was that 2018 is an important year – the year I turn 40. So if I’m going to make one of these years my best yet, it might as well be this one, right?

So last week, I listened to a training exercise designed to help me pick my word. I was driving at sunset thinking the breathtaking winter sky would reveal my word. No such luck. I went home and made dinner, still uninspired.

Chase took the kids to a birthday party yesterday, and I stayed home to get our lives organized before the kids go back to school tomorrow. After making a lot of progress – and needing fresh air – I decided to go for a run.

For the past few years I’ve only run about once a week. I rarely go fast or far these days, but yesterday, something was different. When I headed toward my familiar route, something told me to take a different turn, down a path I haven’t run since my early 30s. As I took that turn, the dog looked up at me, excited to try something new. We continued down the trail and while there were many spots to turn off to make our route shorter, we kept going. At the point where we began running straight uphill, instead of slowing down (like I usually do), I pushed myself and sped up. We made it all the way up the hill, where we could have turned to head back home on flat ground. But I turned around and started back down the hill. I paused for a minute (when I took the picture above) to enjoy the view (and catch my breath) and suddenly…my word came to me.

My word for 2018 is push. For almost 20 years, I’ve given 150 percent at my day job. But I haven’t pushed myself the way I should anywhere else. Not with exercise. Not with my side business. Not at home. Not spiritually. For my entire career, I’ve given more to my job than to anything else in my life. So, in 2018, the year I turn 40, I’m in a good place with my career. I worked very hard to get the promotion I got this year. I’m glad I pushed. I will continue to work hard. But this year, I’m going to push harder in other areas of my life.

When I’m tired and want to watch TV or go to bed instead of working on my business, I will push.

When I leave work late and it’s easier to pick up food than go home and make something healthy, I will push.

When I’m sick of burpees or planks, and I want to quit and get in the shower, I will push.

When I was up too late the night before and don’t want to get out of bed for church on Sunday mornings, I will push.

When I feel strongly about something, I will push.

Why do I want to push for these things ? Because they will get me where I want to be – financially, physically, spiritually and emotionally. And what better year to do that, but in my 40th year? I just need to push. Every damn day of 2018.


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